The Science Book Review

The Science Book: Everything You Need to Know About the

World and How It Works

Whether you are interested in finding answers to the questions you have long being asking about science or you are totally uninterested about the topic, The Science Book is a holistic approach to the centuries of scientific thoughts. It comprises detailed explanations to the natural phenomena, revolutionary inventions, scientific facts and answers to several other questions about science, its origins and applications. Even if physics and chemistry related sections don’t interest you, I found valuable, the wealth of knowledge covered in the biological sections and those dealing with the universe, encapsulating from microscopic life to nuclear power. It is written with self explanatory illustrations, pictures and graphics designed to make the book even more comprehensive and accessible.

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The Coverage

The science book is relatively a new book that was published amidst the scientific confusions posed by the dynamism of the society we live in today. It comprises about 432 pages with detailed attention to the scientific explanations of our society as we live in it today covering subjects like climatic changes, genetic engineering and a host of others including core subjects like the universe and the planet earth, biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics. Ever have unanswered questions about science; just like a true book it is, you will also be guided by the incorporated factual boxes and cross-references which are all meant to through more light on the subject.

From the very beginning, I was ushered into the book by the foreword “Science: The Essence of Cool” which was written by Marshall Brain.  Then the colorful and exciting fold-out of the pages covering what is now a family science reference book in my home. Perhaps you are interested in mountains, the study of which will expose you to the structural concept of the world or the causes of hemophilia or polydactylism or any other seemingly unnatural phenomenon, the book has answered these questions and cleared the doubts of so many people and perhaps should be your next science related read. It goes into details about almost every part of the universe in the “Earth: Origins and Geology” section, the “Biology: Genetics and Heredity” section explains physiological features and concepts with several other sections like the “Physics and Technology” section and others.

Have a student at home or perhaps grandchildren? While I found this book beneficial as an adult, you may find it relatively unimportant if you still completely remember everything you were taught in the high school and beyond. But the question is who does? Even if you are a jack of all thread, such basic science related publications like this will always come handy for personal references either for you or for your school children.

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What Readers Are Saying

Many people have come to understand that the only way to overcome illiteracy is to consistently be on the open for education. On the quest for literacy and in a quest to find answers to the long-held questions about science and its applications in our society, many people have actually read The Science Book and confirmed its enriching features. Despite being informative and comprehensive enough with simple English to teach even the lay man to whom this may be his first science book, it is characterized by many graphics, illustrations and self explanatory pictograms which made the book more interesting and encouraging. This is among the qualities of the book that many readers praised coupled with the fact that it is reasonably priced.

The Science Book will help you re-live scientific evolution. But while many other books written on this subject already have tens and hundreds of numbers added to their age, this is a more up-to-date version that didn’t include those boring stories about science but comes to term with our present environments – which of course is what we all want to read and hear about. Happy reading!

Author: Tessy Parker

Encyclopedia of Mythology

The Larousse Encyclopedia of Mythology by Robert Graves


Are you a student of Mythology or a general reader with interests in mythological records and findings? You will agree with me that even a mere interest in this field demands an authoritative work that covers from the origins of the historical legends to the believes that surround the ancient cultures and their practices. Have questions about human civilization? You are not alone. A lot of people do and consistently seek a comprehensive guide into this world that has long encouraged an insatiable desire to know more. In a quest to gain a better perception of all these aspects of mythology and the long traces it consistently leaves in the mind of hungry souls, many have read across several publications by various authors but with  a thumb-up for the works of Robert Graves in his The Larousse Encyclopedia of Mythology.

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The Larousse Encyclopedia of Mythology is a comprehensive guide to the world of Mythology which details from the origin of human ancient believes and practices to human civilization. It is an extensive work that covers facts and legends from across the world including the civilizations of Egypt, Greece, Italy, China, Japan, India and many others. It is concisely written with about 600 substantial illustrations and tens of full color images. It also contains a well arranged bibliography with fascinating facts.


About The Author


It is a good idea to check the status of an author to know whether the person has the intellectual stand to produce any intellectual or mostly educative work acclaimed in his name. Fortunately, Robert Graves, as his is commonly called, was known as an authority himself. The Larousse Encyclopedia of Mythology is a work by Robert Ranke Graves, an English poet, scholar, translator, novelist and writer. His publications were centered on antiquity with specializations in Classical Greece and Rome which this work of his reflects. Owing to his open mind, intellectual authority and experience in the field, he produced more than 140 works ranging from poems, owing to his historical study of poetic inspirations to other works related to Greek myths and practices. Actually, Robert Graves earned a living from writing, with some of his popular publications including I, Claudius, King Jesus, The Golden Fleece and many others with remarkable translations one of which was Classical Latin and Ancient Greek texts like the The Twelve Caesars, The Golden Ass which gained international acceptance and remain popular till date owing to their clarity and entertaining approach. For his intellectual authority, experience and accomplishments, Graves received the 1934 James Tait Blcak-Memorail Prize award for two of his works.

Graves may have lived and gone but his adventurous spirit in the consistent study and master of Greece Myth came fruitful in his Larousse Encyclopedia where his experiences, teachings and intellectual authority will forever remain and be used as a guide it is for generations to come. Whether you are a veteran of mythology, or perhaps share a bit of interest in the subject, this work will take you by the hand and strategically usher you into the exploration of the mythological information from the Greeks, Persians to the Indians. When many works in mythology are centered in specific cultures with few having that worldview, this book spans across all the mythologies from many cultures.

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Customer Reviews


Many people who left a feedback on this book recommended it. While praising its wealth of information, most people appreciated the fact that it did justice to the acclaimed subject line not just providing in-depth insight to the Greeks and Persians ancient and culture but also to the mythologies of other areas of the world thereby standing as one of the reputable works on mythology with a worldview.

Author: Tessy Parker

15% OFF ISeeMe Coupon & Review

ISeeMe Personalized Books

I don’t care what might have inspired such a website name but what I know is I love what I saw on it. I See Me is an online retail store dedicated to the provision of high quality personalized children’s books. It was launched in mid 2000 by a husband and wife; Mr. & Mrs. Allan. According to their story line, ISeeMe was born after they received a personalized book gift for their son in the year 1998 and saw some limitations in it. Among others, the book they received weren’t as personalized as they thought it should be and they took it as a challenge to create a book line that will answer to those missing features. Today, ISeeMe has not only succeeded in providing every child with a book that celebrates him or her by focusing on his or her qualities and personal characters, but has become even popular among celebrities like Courteney Cox, Brooke Shields and Jessica Alba. Save money with I SEE ME coupon code.

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ISeeMe was launched with their very first book called My Very Own Name which was designed to teach young children how to recognize letters and properly spell their own names. Since then, ISeeMe has maintained that mission of increasing the self esteem of every child by creating and providing books that celebrate their uniqueness while helping them to build up on their vocabulary skills. While it is necessary to tell your little ones “I love you”, it has become even more necessary that we find ways of making them believe this and visualize themselves as kings and queens they will grow to be and the line of children’s books featured on ISeeMe are all dedicated to do that job.

Check the following video for a complete review.

What Subject Matter Does ISeeMe Provide?


Among the publication categories I saw on the site are My Very Own Pirate Tale Story, The Super, Incredible Big Sister, God Loves You! Personalized Book, Who Loves Me? Personalized Book, The World According To Me, and so many others. With these book categories and more, ISeeMe has been assisting from parents who are finding it difficult to build trust or confidence with their children to those wishing to spur their children to the highest heights of the earth. While it may sound strange or perhaps while you have not witnessed it, many parents do visit doctors and psychologist for a series of parent-child issues every now and then. As much as it is necessary we live in harmony with our little ones, it has been proved that the structure a child’s security takes, especially within the inside is built from home which is a result of what their parents or care takers has done with them  at such a tender age. While I don’t wish to recount the accomplishment ISeeMe has impacted in this line of early childhood training, their impact has also been recognized and featured by various media agencies, including the People, Entrepreneur Magazine and many others like the numerous awards they have received from a lot of organizations among which is Mom’s Choice Award, iParenting Award, Award, Family Choice Award, and many others.

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ISeeMe coupon features a huge selection of children books which is offered in various packaging options. With the special attention paid to caring for the individual child, they provide customization services which turns ever book into a self esteem boosting stories that little boys and girls found very interesting. Here, you have absolutely an almost unlimited option as to the type of story to get your children swimming trough. At ISeeMe, quality and diversity seems to be their major focus while striving to add value to any child’s life. Their pricing system is also encouraging. For instance, you can source variety of books focusing on many subject matters from $24.95 – $32.95.

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Author: Teesy Parker

Penguin Coupon & Review

Penguin Books Review

Have you forgotten the popular adage that growth stops when we stop learning? And the best way to learn is to read. We are what we read and Penguin Books is here to provide us with a wide range of book collections. Looking for exceptional informative books in your fields, child-friendly publications or just fun collections for those periods when you may be sitting at the bank of the beach on the weekend? If you are a book lover, knowing where to find, not only the latest of your interests but a wide selection of them at great prices is a good advantage. Penguin features a wide range of publications from well known and aspiring authors that consistently provide the world enormous wisdom in the pages of books.

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Key Features of Penguin

Wide range of book selection: Penguin features the highest selection of book lists I have seen on the net. Their collections cover a wide range of interest including art, architecture and photography, business, finance and law, children’s books, computer and the internet, fairly tales and many other personal and professional interests you can think of. They also feature a section dedicated to books that are about to come in stock and another for those that are newly released. As of the time of writing this review, this section has more than 300 books in the waiting and about 200 in the newly released section. Do you prefer books from a particular author? Penguin will provide you access to a collection of releases from your favorite author.

Safety: Penguin maintains a high level of security on their website and complies with all federal privacy laws. Their site is integrated with the latest security software. To confirm their unequal dedication to providing reliable safety, they have been issued a Secure Server Digital Certificate by BT Trustwise. To this end, I have never had any discomfort shopping on the site.

Great customer service: Penguin Books provides unequal customer service which spans from providing reliable assistance to customers to their reliable shipping system. Their well knowledgeable customer representatives can be reached by email or via phone and their helpfulness has been commended by previous customers. Their delivery system takes 2-3 working days in the UK, 6-8 working days in the rest of Europe and within 8-11 working days if shipping to other international regions. Penguin Books also provides a hassle-free return policy for its customers and will provide a full refund for items returned within 14 working days.

Search authors and books: On Penguin Books, customers are provided with the tools to search for either books or authors. On the featured advanced search options, you can instantly locate books by different authors, including Shakespeare, etc. If there is an author you’d like to meet, Penguin ensures that their contributing authors appear at major festivals and events during which fans and aspiring authors can see and meet with them.

I found penguin as such an exciting place to source fun and really informative prints, including those on the news-lines. While I prefer most of my book purchases in hard copy, Penguin also provides eBooks which I take advantage of once in a while. They feature a community of readers called Reader’s Group and provide gifts including educative podcasts which I found really interesting.

What Other Customers Are Saying About Penguin Books

Penguin seemed like the game changer in the publication industry. It provides customers access to a world of books from all the authors you can think of. While praising their wealth of book selection, previous customers commended their customer service team, shipping system and competitive pricing policy. Want to join other millions of book lovers; I think this is the right place.

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Beyond Words Review

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Beyond Words Review

Beyond Words is an award winning publisher with more than 3,000 outlets around the globe. It was founded in 1983 with the sole aim of inspiring people, while helping them to learn, grow and find solutions to their individual life demands. Beginning as a top publisher of fine coffee table books, they also offer the best publications you can find in the Mind, Body and Spirit category.

New Titles Every Year

Beyond Words is an international publisher that answers to the demands of a wide range of readership community across the globe. They have a group of international booksellers and retailers, including the well known Indigo Book in Canada and Cygnus Books in the UK. In order to retain the loyalty of these distributors and to appeal to the reading pleasure of her audience, Beyond Words adds 15+ titles in their inventory annually; spicing up their community of readership and bringing the trending news, stories, discoveries, events and creations to them. These pools of book selections are made available through their website or offices in Hillsboro, Oregon.

How Does Beyond Words Come About Their Books?

Beyond Words does not just print and publish out of instinct. Their publications have been featured on several occasions out of which most became blockbuster bestsellers. For instance, one of their works, The Secret has been on the New York Times list for bestsellers for more than a year. Also in 2005, the Hidden Messages in Water, written by Dr. Emoto was featured on the New York Times for up to 25 weeks. With such groundbreaking successful records, one would wonder the secret behind Beyond Words.
A close look at the whole operation of their publication system revealed something rather interesting. It seemed that they have, since more than 25 years of establishment, followed a different and yet unique approach towards the way books are published and produced. Their works are majorly gotten from different artists who bring ideas and sign contracts for their publication. This approach has earned them over 250 published titles and about 10 millions books in print.

Enjoy Publications and Prints in Your Own Language

Beyond Words is an international publication firm with a difference. They do not only provide customers interesting titles, their books have been published in over 40 languages; thereby improving their impact on the audience. For instance, The Secret is coming out in about 39 different languages, including Spanish, Turkish, Japanese, Greek, Thai and Latvian. Partnering with filmmakers, musicians and artists, Beyond Words also provide customers with DVDs, CDs and many other inspiring productions through their sister site, Beyond Distribution.

Check the following video for a complete review.

Why You May Prefer Beyond Words

•    Huge book selection: Beyond Words features a wide range of books written from the fine coffee table titles to various other genres, including fiction, children’s literature, native wisdom and even natural. These huge lists ensure that customers are well served; even those with specific genre needs.
•    Reasonable pricing system: Even with such a huge function and coverage, Beyond Words maintains a customer-friendly pricing system. This ensures that customers can lay hands on their favorites and/or any interesting title of their choice without accumulating huge financial burdens.
•    Remarkable customer care services: From finding the right books to ensuring prompt shipping services, Beyond Words features a group of professional customer care representatives trained to provide top-notch assistance services at the call of customers.


Do you like reading? The words of the wise have said that people starts to die when they stop learning. And lack of reading makes a remarkable contribution to this death. Beyond Words does not only offer to provide you informative publications on your chosen field but the trending titles that may tip you off on other interesting areas, including other productions like DVDs, designed to create an inspiring platform for the growth of the mind, body and spirit.

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Magazines.Com Coupons & Review

Magazines.Com Review is a privately owned ecommerce company. It is an authorized seller of magazine subscriptions. It is was founded in 1999 and headquartered in Franklin, TN, USA with over 4,000 magazine titles in their stock. Being one of the pioneer magazine subscription service firms, they provide readers the simplest way of finding their favorite reads, including new magazines, coupled with effective features to help them track their subscriptions.

If you’d wanted to receive first-hand tips, news or gossip on any of your interests, may be your best option. It is the oldest and largest magazine subscription service company with reliable magazine distribution services that can be shopped by category, subscriber ratings and price or by taking the advantage of their Gift Center – which allows users to shop by personality, occasion or recipient.

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What Services Does Magazine.Com Offer? provides, among other services, the following:

Magazines: With thousands of titles in stock, users are offered unlimited access to both their favorites and handy news on any other field that my interest them. These lists however, are simply presented on their site, allowing customers to shop by category including Business & Finance, Cooking & Food, Entertainment & TV, etc.  Their quick browse feature will also allow you to shop by budget by selecting the right category and the amount you budgeted for the item.

Books: Do you enjoy reading about pets, wildlife, photography, politics, cooking, teen life, adventurous trips or perhaps you like whiling away time with recreational books, fictions, sciences or gender specific books? should be your friend then. They maintain a huge catalogue of books arranged in several categories that make them easy to find. Their books cover titles that touch almost every area of existence; from the daily scientific adventures to our personal lives and every other factor that surrounds it.

Top Gift: Have you ever wanted to buy a friend a cup of coffee in a coffee shop, a bottle of bear in the bar or perhaps a lunch? offers a new way of putting that smile on your friend’s face despite wherever they are. Their Gift Center features the hottest magazine gift items you can get for yourself or for a friend. Just like the books and normal magazine section, these gift items can also be shopped by category, personality or occasion.

Free Magazine: While spending for what you read may not have been included in your monthly budget, they still offer a couple of free magazines you might want to check-out.

Benefits of Using Magazine.Com

•    Simplified order process: From magazine search to the overall order processes, takes time to ensure that users don’t encounter any difficulty. Their order process is made simple enough, both for regular and first time customers.
•    Reliable service: Not just from the statements made on their site, most customers have confirmed their satisfaction with the services provided by Their services are prompt and you will not get magazine A in error if you placed an order for B; they deliver exactly what you want and within the period that suits you best.

Check the following video for a complete review.

We were amazed at the price range of magazines on There is relatively little or no difference between the prices of these titles and that offered by the magazine. We also find their 100% Money Back Guarantee very useful. While there may be some scam magazine subscription sites, this quality has proven their dedication towards providing top-notch magazine subscription services that customers can rely on. Coupled with this quality, customers are not charged any shipping fees on all orders, despite the price. And they also offer to pay all the sales taxes.

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Simon & Schuster Coupon & Review

Simon and Schuster

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Corporate Overview

The company was founded in 1924 by Richard L. Simon and M. Lincoln Schuster as a part of the CBS Corporation. It is one of the leaders in the publishing industry today, bringing readers in touch with information and entertainment. It covers all kinds of media like prints and audio and is in touch with a huge audience worldwide. They have a number of famous imprints that have been published. They publish an average of two thousand titles annually and these titles are distributed to 150 countries all over the world. They have also published a number of eBooks, bringing the total number up to over eleven thousand. They are still on the top and have a charm which brings readers closer not only to one another but to the company as well. It leads in the market of modern day reading. They also have a website available to customers everywhere and inspire of that accessibility, they get over eight hundred thousand visits every month. They have been in collaboration with MTV, Star Trek etc. for over twenty five years to bring to people entertainment like none of its kind. One of the most well-known publications of the company is“CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” and “The Bro Code” from the series “How I Met Your Mother”.

Company History & Business Timeline

The company that now indulges in all fields of print, audio and video media had started only as a book for crossword puzzles. It is needless to say that the puzzles were an instant hit just like the many other endeavours that have taken the company from the start-up it was back then to a leader today. In 1944 Simon and Schuster was sold to department store owner Marshall Field. It was after his death 1957 that the company ownership was shared between the owners of Simon and Schuster and Pocket Books. In 1975, the share belonging to Pocket Books was collaborated with Gulf+ Western thus making Simon & Schuster independent once again.

The year 1984 marked the period of rapid growth and extension for the company where it developed and acquired territory over 60 countries. From a revenue collection of $200 million in 1983, the company grew to collect revenue of $2billion in 1997. Meanwhile, Gulf+ Western was revamped and became to be known as Paramount Communications and acquired Paramount soon after. Both companies saw another merging in 2004 but they separated in 2006 with the separation of Viacom and CBS. Now Simon and Schuster remains a part of the CBS Corporation.

Divisions and Imprints

Simon & Schuster now has publications which are divided into categories of adult, children, audio, international and distribution list. Each division has its own team of writers and publishers along with a separate editorial department and independent publicity. All divisions work in collaboration with different business and work almost like independent identities held together by one name which they use as franchisee to move forward. Their line of adult books comprises of imprints like Howard books, pocket books, free press, atria etc. Their children’s books include Aladdin, Simon spotlight, little Simon, beach lane books etc. Audio books come directly under the name of the company itself. Their international collection spreads to Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom. Their distribution list consists of well-known publications like Chicken Soup, Reader’s Digest, Avatar, Ripley’s and many more.

The progress of Simon and Schuster can be seen all through the century that the company has managed to survive. And the story of this survival continues to get more and more impressive with time. Like it has been doing so all this while, the company is sure to surprise us all with further success endeavours in the years to come.

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BookCloseOuts Coupon Discount & Review

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BookCloseOuts is an online retail store that sells Bargain Books. It was founded more than 10 years ago with a sole aim of providing the world Bargain Books at 50-90% of the list price. They have a huge inventory of more than 5 million books and operate as the largest Bargain Book seller situated in North America. Their inventory includes new, unread books in various categories including Sports, Children’s, Computer, Craft, Gardening, Cooking, Health, Parenting, General Fiction, Novels, Sciences, and many others. If you like having a book while on a trip, you like to scan through and read along the trending  book lines or you just like enriching your knowledge by reading the newest literatures  and research materials in your field, BookCloseOuts does not only provide exactly what you are looking for, but at a price that will marvel you.

 Good Organization

It is often hard to find an online retail store with more than 5 million pieces of products that does not confuse customers on their effort to list all their products. BookCloseOuts does not only write the name and price of books in their inventory, their books are presented with an auto-update system  that lists the book, give a description of the content and updates the respective number of books in the various categories in the inventory whenever a purchase is made. Thus, this ensures that you are viewing, in real time, the number of books in their North American warehouse any second you are on the online store.

Additionally, you don’t have to swim through unnecessary list of Bargain Books to find a book of your choice. The BooksCloseOuts site is integrated with several search tools that allows customers to search and get hold of any book of their choice by using the name of the book, the category option, the author and the field the book targets. With the advanced search option, you can even find a book by using a keyword present in the title of the book or the year the book is first published.

You can also get Scratch & Dent materials from BookCloseOuts. The Scratch & Dent materials section consists of new, unread books that may have been scratched as they are being returned to the publisher. There are some reasons a book may be returned.  In most cases, if the bookstore purchased in excess of a title or needs to create some space for new books, there may be need to return some books to the publisher for credit. Within this process of transferring the books back to the publisher, they may sustain certain scratches or damages which includes a scratch dust jacket, wrinkled dust jacket, dented corner, dented binding, missing dust jacket or the tile may be a single volume of a pack-volume set. Notwithstanding, all these books are still in perfect condition with no missing page.

 Great Service And Attractive Pricing

BookCloseOuts is known for their unbeatable desire to satisfy from the person that visits their online store in the middle of the night to the customer that places an order during the weekend. Their commitment is best proved by integrating a system that constantly updates the online product listing in real time – making sure that you are seeing exactly what they can ship to you immediately. Despite the professional look and self updating site, they also have a wonderful customer support team that are always available to take you through any difficulty or concern you may have regarding their products or services.

The pricing principle adopted by BookCloseOuts is exceptional. You will get most books in their store at 50-90% off their list price. They also provide customers with coupons and book promotional codes with which they can save even more while enriching their knowledge with the newest books in their respective fields and interests.


Microbiology Review

An Introduction with MyMicrobiologyPlace Website (10th Edition)


 Microbiology is a very complexity discipline that provides with enormous knowledge and information the ones who study, tries to heal and research in this field of medicine. This is the book for students, and researchers in microbiology, molecular biology, pharmacy…

 About the authors

 Gerard J. Tortora, one of three authors of Microbiology: An Introduction with MyMicrobiologyPlace Website (10th Edition) is a Professor of Biology and former Coordinator at Bergen Community College in Paramus, NJ. He is a lecturer of human anatomy and physiology and microbiology. He got bachelor’s degree in biology at Fairleigh Dickinson University and master’s degree in science education at Montclair State College. He is a member of the Human Anatomy and Physiology Society (HAPS), the American Society of Microbiology (ASM), American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), National Education Association (NEA), and the Metropolitan Association of College and University Biologists (MACUB).

 Jerry wrote some best-selling science books and laboratory manuals, because he is not only a teacher, and researcher, but also an eminent writer, too.

 Bardell R. Funke and Christine L. Case are also the authors of the book.

 Product description and how does it work

 This book involves all aspects of the “world of microbiology” as well as some technical and methodological approaches.

 The book includes basic aspect-The Microbial World and You, Chemical Principles. This book also includes microbiology observed at cellular level-Functional Anatomy of Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic cells, describes metabolism through chapters Microbial Metabolism, Microbial Growth, The Control of Microbial Growth, genetics across the chapters Microbial Genetics, Biotechnology and Recombinant DNA. There is also systematic approach-Classification of Microorganisms, The Prokaryotes: Domains Bacteria and Archaea, The Eukaryotes: Fungi, Algae, Protozoa, and Helminths, Viruses, Viroids, and Prions. You can also find anything about epidemiology of diseases caused by pathogen microorganisms-Principles of Disease and Epidemiology, Microbial Mechanisms of Pathogenicity, everything about both-adaptive and innate immunity- Innate Immunity: Nonspecific Defenses of the Host, Adaptive Immunity: Specific Defenses of the Host, Practical Applications of Immunology, Disorders Associated with the Immune System. Other chapters describe diseases of organ system caused by pathogen microorganisms.

 There are especially interesting and useful chapters about antimicrobial resistance, environmental microbiology, biofilms, bioterrorism, and very practical chapters about industrial microbiology.

 This is the best-selling book in this domain, the real core of microbiology on 960 pages.

 Customers’ reviews

 Ninety-three customers reviewed this book. Fifty-three customers rated it with the highest rating, and the average book rating is 4 out of five stars, which is very good, considering that high number of reviewers.

 One customer is thrilled. According to the customer, this is a super textbook all microbiology materials are explained in simple way with remarkable details with beautiful and very informative pictures. This book was for the microbiology course. The customer says that CD-ROMs that came with the textbook are excellent and that The Student Tutorial CD-ROM has sound clips that enable us to hear the right pronunciation of the names of microorganisms which are in Latin. This customer shares that this textbook is a very good reference for introductory microbiology.

 Shauna M. Smith “Shauna NaNa 82″ said that the book was awesome.

 Carol Anne Kunzig is satisfied with that excellent purchase. The book is detailed in colors, she took practicing quizzes. She recommends this book to everyone.

 K. Porter implicates that the book arrived in perfect condition and much faster than he expected. He is very satisfied with his purchase!

 G. Money is a nursing student that does not have right words to describe how much loves this book. According to this customer, the book gives a pretty good overview of microbial activity, signs, and symptoms of the particular infection, antimicrobial agents’ mechanisms, and side effects. G. Money highly recommends Microbiology: An Introduction, Books a la Carte Edition (10th Edition)!

 Samantha says that this book was exactly what she I was looking for. She is taking Microbiology in College, where teachers required this book for the class. She said: “Well I decided to go with Amazon because not only are they reliable it was $40 cheaper with Amazon then through the school”!

 All these satisfied customers pointed that the book is really great and if you are a nursing student, you definitely must have it! All of them claimed that the book arrived surprisingly fast and in excellent condition!

Sports Injuries Review


This book is intended to everyone involved in sports, and especially to medical doctors specialized in sports medicine and physical therapists. It is very important for professionals and other people who want to get involved in any kind of sport to prepare themselves for the training by proper and adequate exercises that can also be found in this book.

About the authors/editors

Lars Peterson and Per Renstrom are the authors of “Sports Injuries: Their Prevention and Treatment Product description and how does it work.”

Continue reading