Children Born via Normal Spontaneous Delivery have Higher IQs – UCP2

Are you currently pregnant or planning to be pregnant? Are you seeking various ways to improve the physical health as well as the psychological and mental well-being of your child? Then you need to know about the positive effects of normal spontaneous delivery over a C-section when it comes to the IQ of children.

A new study conducted by Yale School of Medicine has found that children who were born normally have a higher IQ than the rest of their peers who were born via C-section or other instrumental modes of delivery.

Vaginal birth was found to trigger the expression of a protein, which is responsible for the improvement in brain development. This apparently is expressed in the brains of new-borns, which helps them to have a higher IQ in adulthood.

Vaginal birth is also seen as more beneficial than a Caesarean section because the study also saw that this protein expression in the brain of the new-born was not seen among those delivered via a C-section.

Specifically, the research conducted by researchers in Yale School of Medicine, Department of Comparative Medicine studied the effects of surgical and natural deliveries on the mitochondrial uncoupling protein 2 (UCP2) in mice. This UCP2 is the protein expressed in the brains of new-borns which are born via normal spontaneous delivery.

The Role of Uncoupling Protein 2 (UCP2)

UCP2 is an essential protein that is responsible for the development of the neurons and circuits in the hippocampus. The hippocampus is the area of the brain which is responsible for the long-term and short-term memory of animals and humans.

UCP2 is also responsible for the cellular metabolism of fat that is essential for the production of breast milk. Aside from being able to increase the IQ of children, the effect of UCP2 also includes triggering breast milk production in women who give birth via the natural process. This may explain why women who undergo a Caesarean section have reduced tendency to breastfeed because of lack of optimum breast milk production.

UCP2 is diminished or not present in mice born via surgical means such as a Caesarean section. This absence of the uncoupling protein 2 interferes with the differentiation of the neurons and circuits in the hippocampus leading to impaired functioning of that part of the brain.

The evidence clearly depicts the important role of the protein in promoting the development of the brain, which could be an important factor in increasing the IQ of children.

The Implications of the Study

The study clearly shows that giving birth via normal spontaneous delivery provides more benefits to the new born. However, increasing pregnancy complications also increase the rates of giving birth via surgical methods and this may have a long-term effect on the brain development of future generations.

Mothers should employ habits that will promote a healthy pregnancy because a healthy pregnancy seldom leads to difficulties in labor and delivery that may lead to a Caesarean section.

Mothers should make sure to watch their diet and limit sweets to prevent the development of large babies. They should also make sure to employ stress reduction activities and exercise to prevent possible pregnancy induced hypertension, which is one of the reasons for a Caesarean section.

We always believe that everything that is natural is more advantageous than synthetic or artificial means. Natural childbirth or normal delivery will help you have children with higher IQs.

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One thought on “Children Born via Normal Spontaneous Delivery have Higher IQs – UCP2

  1. This article surely surprised me. I thought that children’s IQ have nothing to do with whether they were born via normal delivery or caesarean section. This is actually the first time I have ever heard of a protein called UCP2, or maybe this one was not really discussed well enough when I was still in school (the body has too many proteins anyway).

    Other than what was mentioned in this post, there are many other reasons why a woman has to undergo c-section. Some reasons are: the baby is in breech or transverse position, there are problems with the placenta, labor is too slow or it stops, umbilical cord prolapsed, the baby is in fetal distress or may have a certain kind of birth defect, the mom may have HIV or genital herpes, or there may have been previous surgeries on the mom’s uterus.

    I would really like to know if there’s another study conducted concerning this UCP2 and the study has to involve testing the IQ of real children who were born via normal delivery versus cesarean section.

    Thanks for sharing!

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