Kids who Are Poor Forget About their Needs to Avoid Social Stigma to their Parents

Have you seen children sacrificing their needs that include their education, recreation and some of their basic needs? This the implication of a recent study conducted by the University of New South Wales on the effects of economic shortcomings on people especially on children and teens. The study was the first Australian report to look into this scenario.

The study involved looking into the effects of economic disadvantage on children and teens age 11 to 17 years. The results show that children are missing out on their recreational activities such as school camps and sports as well as in their education because they would not want to place greater economic shortcomings to their parents. Aside from these, they also do part-time work and care for their siblings just to help their parents out.

The data were collected through interviews to children as well as their parents, service providers and teachers. The study was undertaken in New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria. The demographic data in the research indicates that up to 12% of the children belong to families with less than 50% of median income.

One author indicates that poverty in the country is not rare and most of the poor families experience economic weaknesses on a long-term basis. The alarming thing in this data is that many children suffer because they are not able to pursue their educational and social goals in life due to their families not being able to support their needs.

These effects in children may sometimes be imposed by parents; however, most children are the ones who volunteer to leave their needs behind for their families and parents. In fact, children try to do these things because they would not want their parents to suffer more difficulty in providing financial resources for the family.

The Effects of Kid’s Sacrifices

The immediate effects of kids forgetting their needs are beneficial for the family in a short-term basis. However, it could be noted that failure to finish education will just repeat the cycle of poverty that will lead these children to also have a poor family on their own. As a result, poverty becomes a cycle and unless these children will realize their dreams, they will be not be successful in their choses careers.

The effects of these sacrifices of children may eventually lead to bullying because lack of education will make them illiterate. Also, they may be able to have difficulties maintaining their friends and there will be lack of appropriate places for peer interaction.

The Effects of Government Policies in Poverty

Despite the public policy that aims to support individuals in poor families to get a job, the cycle of poverty still continues. The education reforms that were instituted to allow children to continue their studies just made their fast transition to work and do not actually help them to mature educationally. Once they get a sufficient educational qualification such as high school, these children will just end up doing blue collar jobs that will not help their families go up in the ladder of economic standing.

Aside from these, there is lack of support in the mid-years of the children’s student life making them quit schooling in return.

Children are very special and they should receive what it is for them and they should experience what they should experience in their childhood years. In this line, parents should make sure that they provide the basic needs of their kids.

Posted by Pitt Goumas

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One thought on “Kids who Are Poor Forget About their Needs to Avoid Social Stigma to their Parents

  1. This kind of situation wherein children tend to sacrifice their rights to education, adequate food, and the right to play or enjoy their being a kid (in other words, to not work) is very common in many countries. I agree that when children tend to forget their basic needs so that it would not put more pressure on the family, it will have an effect in the long run and when the children themselves have children of their own, the cycle starts all over again.

    For me, it is the responsibility of the parents to make sure that their children experience quality of living in this world. However, lack of family planning, principles and education results to couples having more children who they cannot all support and this drives the children to make sacrifices and help out the family by working at an early age.

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