Kids Who Drink Soda may Have Nutritional and Health Problems

Kids and Soda

Do you allow your kids to drink soda? Are they missing out on important drinks such as milk? Well, drinking sodas may let your kid reduce the amount of nutrition he gets because sweetened beverages like soda reduces their appetite as well for certain healthy foods and beverages.

Children do not necessarily switch from drinking milk to drinking sodas, but once they drink sodas, they may displace important drinks such as milk. Children often do not dictate what they have to drink; however, sodas tend to shift their beverage intakes. This is a result of a recent study among 7,000 mid-schoolers.

The study indicated that as kids grow; they tend to consume soda and other sweetened drinks more than milk, but it seems that the amount they drink remains the same throughout the years. This means that soft drinks do not actually replace milk, but children opt to drop their baby beverage as they grow old.

However, the study also indicates that drinking soda with high calorie intake does not mean that you cut your other calorie intake too. For instance, if you regularly eat a slice of cake after lunch, you will not drop this habit even if you drink soda with it. All in all, you eat the piece of cake plus the soda. This means that you increase your calorie intake as a whole.

In relation to drinking milk, children who drink sodas may also not cut their milk intake just because of the total caloric consumption, but they tend to drop the milk off because of “getting older”.

Drinking sodas or other sweetened beverages may not cut down the milk intake of children, but it will lessen the amount of water they take in. If you drink eight ounces of Coke after lunch, chances are, you won’t be able to drink the same eight ounces of water afterwards because you are already full of fluid.

Soft drinks or sodas may not limit the intake of milk of children; however, these types of beverages can result to various health effects. Sodas are very harmful and even adults are discouraged from drinking them more so in children. The following are the common health effects of sodas in children:

- Increases hyperacidity states

Sodas contain high amounts of citric acid and other acidic components, which may lead to the development of hyperacidity. As the child grows and still consumes sodas, the hyperacidity may cause a local irritation in the stomach that may predispose peptic ulcer.

- Increases incidences of obesity

Sodas and other sweetened beverages contain high amounts of sugar, which will in turn be stored as fats. The more sugar you take in, the more calories are also consumed contributing to a high-calorie diet. When you drink sodas, you add on to the calories taken in, but you don’t necessarily reduce your intake of certain foods and beverages, which will just further increase your calorie intake.

- Increases hyperactivity in children

The sugar and the caffeine content of sodas as very potent central nervous system stimulants, which keeps children hyperactive after they have drunk an ounce of soda.

Sodas are not completely prohibited, but make sure that your children only consume a minimal amount soda. Moderation is the key and make sure not to introduce sodas as early as toddlerhood and pre-school age because these children need other nutritious beverages to help them grow and develop.

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