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PERSONALABS is a health information service company that has been in the business of helping clients to achieve a balanced and healthy lifestyle since 2006. It was the result of the implementation of the idea of two friends; Dr. Edward Salko and Edgar Wilson, who saw the need to bridge the widening gap between the required healthy lifestyle and what is obtainable. As a Florida Limited Liability Corporation, PERSONALABS provides more than 1700 test locations with its partnership with the Laboratory Corporation of America.

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While certain illnesses, diseases and perhaps ailments  has nothing to do with individuals’ private lives, others like infections and diseases related to a person’s sexual health is often a burden taking it to the public – which explains while some people prefer to hide such and thus die in silence. With PERSONALABS, such hindrances has been taken out of the way; the knowledge of your test arrangement is your responsibility and you have control over who actually hears or sees anything related to it.

Using Patent Technology For High Medical Information Privacy

PERSONALABS does not just replicate what others have been doing and hope you are happy with it, they go a long way in providing reliable medical information privacy integrated in every step of the process. Right from the online ordering form, which is designed with a software technology called POTATA, clients are provided with a direct communication with the lab testing company. Hence as a customer to PERSONALABS, you may never have to deal with any human in person, except the phlebotomist who will collect your specimen at your preferred location.

This process also eliminates the need for any third party or middle man, either as a messenger or for any other purpose. It helps to save time; hence you can still carry out a test and get your result under limited time constraints. It reduces the risk of errors which ensures that your result is 100% effective and creates easy-to-access digital record for reference and for the rest of the process after ordering. Also, PERSONALABS does not give or share your medical details with any third party. Your medical details belong to you for use as you wish, right from the point of order.

What Kind Of Test Can You Do With PERSONALABS?

PERSONALABS does virtually all kinds of tests, including gender specific tests like Female Health Testing, and Male Health Testing. They also conduct Autoimmune Disorder Testing, Allergy Testing, Arthritis testing, Cancer Testing, Diabetes Testing, Drug Testing, General Health Testing, Heart Health Testing, STD Testing, HIV Testing and many others.


PERSONALABS takes a simple four-step process. To start with, you are required to select a blood test from the provided 180 or more health screening options. Secondly, you have to create an account and make your payment for the test you have selected. You can either do this with your credit card or by using your Paypal account. Once you receive a confirmation for the payment, print it and hold it with you while going to drop a specimen. Then thirdly, with the payment receipt confirmation you printed and a photo ID, locate and go to one of their 1700 patient service center locations to submit a specimen which can be blood, urine, or any other kind of specimen requested. Then lastly, log into your PERSONALABS account to check your results once you get an email alert which normally comes within two to three days after you have submitted the specimen. Your result details can be printed and saved at your discretion. Be assured that despite the medical practitioner who actually logs in your medical result details (and who may not even know you), no other person has gotten access to that result but you.

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