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Pet Mountain Review

Pet Mountain is a pet supply company dedicated to the provision of all the necessary materials needed for the health and well being of pets. Pet Mountain is not just dedicated to a pet, it serves as a one-stop pet supply solution to pet owners of all pet kinds including dogs, cats, birds, etc. Understanding the importance of pets in our society today and that some pets have become known family members, companions, friends and thus valuable investments that must be protected at all cost; Pet Mountain strives hard to ensure that you don’t need to waste a bit of your time navigating from one online pet store to another or perhaps driving down the street to a said nearby offline store. Right off your webpage, you are given access to the finest in pet supplies with customer-centered business practice that has lead to their reputation in the pet industry.

Features of Pet Mountain

Extensive list of products: Pet Mountain features extensive list of products including bird supplies, cat supplies, dog supplies, fish supplies, reptile supplies, wild bird supplies, small pet supplies and many others. Their inventory comes in more than 300 categories providing virtually everything needed to take care of any kind of pet.

Easy order process with a functional website: Nothing is more frustrating than a complicated order process. It can lead to an over charge, delivery of the wrong product or perhaps a compromised transaction. At Pet Mountain, customers are provided with a fast loading, easy navigable website integrated with virtually all the payment methods to improve customers’ shopping convenience and experience. It is no news that while some people feel so free to pull their credit cards, others prefer using third payment options. In order not to infringe on any customer’s payment preferences, Pet Mountain accepts and securely processes all payments made through Paypal, Amazon Checkout, Google Checkout, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express credit cards for payment.

Unequal security: Pet Mountain integrated their online shopping database with Secure Socket Layer encryption; making sure that from when you start selecting your products to the actual payment processing procedures, your personal information is securely scrambled and kept from any third party interference. Hence there is no need to worry about security while shopping for your canine friend, cat or any other pet.

Risk-free guarantee: Pet Mountain provides customers with a 60-day money back guarantee on all products that leaves their warehouse. This do not only confirm the  range of quality products at offer but ensure that default or unsatisfactorily performing items can be returned for some refund even at the seventh week after delivery. Additionally, many of the products in their inventory are sold with their manufacturer’s warranty.

Excellent shipping services: Pet Mountain presently offers about four shipping options in the United States which includes the Saver, Ground, Expedited and the Overnight shipping options. The Saver option requires delivery within 8 business days, the Ground shipping option takes within 5 business days, and Expedited shipping option takes within 2-3 business days and lastly, the Overnight shipping option is designed for time sensitive orders which are general scheduled for delivery in the next business day. These shipping options also come with a full tracking facility allowing customers to trace, locate and follow the movement of their packages.

What Do Customers Say About Pet Mountain?

Pet Mountain has gathered quite a huge customer base. While praising their customer service system, easy order process and the extensive list of products, most customers specifically expressed satisfaction with the quality and performance of the product they got from Pet Mountain. For the finest high quality, proven performance pet supplies, Pet Mountain is a tested and trusted provider.

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