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The Larousse Encyclopedia of Mythology by Robert Graves


Are you a student of Mythology or a general reader with interests in mythological records and findings? You will agree with me that even a mere interest in this field demands an authoritative work that covers from the origins of the historical legends to the believes that surround the ancient cultures and their practices. Have questions about human civilization? You are not alone. A lot of people do and consistently seek a comprehensive guide into this world that has long encouraged an insatiable desire to know more. In a quest to gain a better perception of all these aspects of mythology and the long traces it consistently leaves in the mind of hungry souls, many have read across several publications by various authors but with  a thumb-up for the works of Robert Graves in his The Larousse Encyclopedia of Mythology.

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The Larousse Encyclopedia of Mythology is a comprehensive guide to the world of Mythology which details from the origin of human ancient believes and practices to human civilization. It is an extensive work that covers facts and legends from across the world including the civilizations of Egypt, Greece, Italy, China, Japan, India and many others. It is concisely written with about 600 substantial illustrations and tens of full color images. It also contains a well arranged bibliography with fascinating facts.


About The Author


It is a good idea to check the status of an author to know whether the person has the intellectual stand to produce any intellectual or mostly educative work acclaimed in his name. Fortunately, Robert Graves, as his is commonly called, was known as an authority himself. The Larousse Encyclopedia of Mythology is a work by Robert Ranke Graves, an English poet, scholar, translator, novelist and writer. His publications were centered on antiquity with specializations in Classical Greece and Rome which this work of his reflects. Owing to his open mind, intellectual authority and experience in the field, he produced more than 140 works ranging from poems, owing to his historical study of poetic inspirations to other works related to Greek myths and practices. Actually, Robert Graves earned a living from writing, with some of his popular publications including I, Claudius, King Jesus, The Golden Fleece and many others with remarkable translations one of which was Classical Latin and Ancient Greek texts like the The Twelve Caesars, The Golden Ass which gained international acceptance and remain popular till date owing to their clarity and entertaining approach. For his intellectual authority, experience and accomplishments, Graves received the 1934 James Tait Blcak-Memorail Prize award for two of his works.

Graves may have lived and gone but his adventurous spirit in the consistent study and master of Greece Myth came fruitful in his Larousse Encyclopedia where his experiences, teachings and intellectual authority will forever remain and be used as a guide it is for generations to come. Whether you are a veteran of mythology, or perhaps share a bit of interest in the subject, this work will take you by the hand and strategically usher you into the exploration of the mythological information from the Greeks, Persians to the Indians. When many works in mythology are centered in specific cultures with few having that worldview, this book spans across all the mythologies from many cultures.

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Customer Reviews


Many people who left a feedback on this book recommended it. While praising its wealth of information, most people appreciated the fact that it did justice to the acclaimed subject line not just providing in-depth insight to the Greeks and Persians ancient and culture but also to the mythologies of other areas of the world thereby standing as one of the reputable works on mythology with a worldview.

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  1. This book seemw really interesting. I’ve always been reading about Greek Mythology and I’d like to learn about mythologies from other civilizations as well, most especially the Indian civilization. Thank you for this!

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